45 - 60 min 10k programme


This training plan has been developed for runners capable of covering 10K distance and aiming to achieve a target race time between 45 - 60 minutes and can train a minimum of 3 times per week.


The Fleet 10K is a 2 lap slightly undulating course but has produced many PBs.

This is a 12 week schedule with a key part of the plan to learn and practise your race pace which for a 10K is typically your threshold pace. (Technically, threshold pace is established running at an intensity that produces an increased but stable level of blood lactate accumulation in the muscles. Practically this is fast pace running that can be maintained for the race distance. For those using rate heart monitors it is about 90% - 94% of maximum heart rate). The schedule is designed to be progressive to avoid injury. The plan includes a weekly speed session when working “outside of your comfort zone” is recommended. Doing a speed session with other people is very beneficial as it will help with both pacing and motivation. There is also a weekly long run. A parkrun will benefit all, as it prepares runners for race conditions in a relaxed environment and provides an excellent indication of the training progress.


As part of the training will be through the summer, it is necessary to keep well hydrated all of the time especially on the long runs. This is where to practise drinking on the run.


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