I have had a problem with entering on-line

If there are any problems with on-line entry contact Run Britain which provides the entry system. If you received confirmation of entry by e-mail then your entry is secure. Fleet 5k and 10k organisers Fleet & Crookham AC cannot answer questions about the on-line entry system.

Can I enter by post?

No, all runners should use the on-line entries facility.

Can I still enter the race?

Entries are accepted up to 1 October 2021 or when the entry limit has been reached. There are no late entries or entries on the day. We do not operate a waiting list.

Has my entry been accepted?

Yes, if you have entered on-line and have received a confirmation email from Run Britain then your entry is secure.

Late entries

There are absolutely no late entries or entries on the day.

Reserve List

There is no reserve list.

I am injured or otherwise unable to run. Can I have a refund?

We start incurring costs early in the event organisation process including an online entry administration fee. If your entry is accepted, the following rules apply:

  • Once your race entry is accepted we are unable to make refunds.
  • Race numbers will be sent out from 4 October 2021.
  • If you wish to transfer your entry to another runner please contact racedirectorfleet10k@gmail.com with your details and the details of the person to transfer the entry to. The race organisers will not take any part in payment between runners for transferred entries.
  • Unauthorised number swaps may result in disqualification.
  • No runner exchanges or refunds can be made on the day.

Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

If you wish to transfer your entry to another runner please contact racedirectorfleet10k@gmail.com with your details and the details of the person you wish to transfer the entry to. The race organisers will not take any part in the payment between runners for transferred entries. No charge is made by the organisers to transfer an entry.

Entries cannot be transferred after 1 October 2021.

I have changed my address

If you change your address please contact racedirectorfleet10k@gmail.com so that your race pack is sent to your new address. Also ensure that you have Royal Mail Redirection set up. You can amend your entry up 1 October 2021. After this date race packs will be sent to the original address on the entry if it has not been amended.

When will I receive my race number?

Race numbers will be sent out after 4 October 2021.

Runner numbers and Chip Timing

You will be sent your number and a timing chip that must be attached to your shoe, the pack includes full details of how to attach the chip.

Bag Storage

There is limited bag storage and no changing facilities at the event venue, please arrive changed and leave bags in your car where possible.

My number has not arrived. What do I do?

If your race number has not arrived by 13 October 2021 please contact racedirectorfleet10k@gmail.com and arrangements will be made for you to collect your number/timing chip on race day.


Race Day

What time does the race start?

The event starts at 9.30am.

Music whilst running

The use of personal stereos, iPods, phones or other music devises is not allowed under UKA rule 240 S5 – the wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic. There are some short sections on the Fleet 5k and 10k course which do have traffic coming in the opposite direction to runners and is therefore not wholly closed. The wearing of such equipment may prevent you from hearing instructions from marshals and other event staff as well as the hearing of sirens/horns from emergency services and other vehicles. By wearing such devices you are putting yourself and those around you at risk. Rule 240 S5 also states if the athlete wears conductive headphones, these are acceptable as these work by conducting sound through bones and do not sit or block the ears. The event will have no responsibility should this rule be ignored.

Please do not risk our ability to get a future license for this event by ignoring this rule.


Park in the town centre car parks only. There is no parking available at the venue, or in the Gurkha Square car park or Victoria Street car park. Car parking charges must be paid.

We recommend parking in the Hart Shopping Centre car park, accessed from Albert Street GU51 3LA  www.hartshopping.co.uk

Drinking on the Run

There is 1 water station on the route.

Race time limit

As stated in the race entry terms and conditions, there is a 90 minute time limit for the race. This is due to the use of the public road and the imposed limit on the road closure duration. If you are falling behind this time limit, you will be allowed to carry on but will be asked to use the pavement as we are obliged to re-open the roads according to the approved road closure agreement.

Weather forecast

When running take sufficient water on board at each drink station – do not wait until you feel thirsty. If you carry your own sports drink or gels, please dispose of them at the water stations.


Results will be published on [add link to results page] as soon as possible after the race.

After the race

Remember there may still be road closures in force when you leave after your run so please plan your route.